Pet Movers Australia Pty Ltd offers domestic and international pet travel services.
We are committed to providing a quality and affordable transportation service for your pets.
Being a family-run business, we can be contacted 7 days a week during business hours.

Start by contacting us

Once we receive an enquiry from you, via phone, email or our website contact form, we will contact you with information about what you will need to relocate your pet, as well as a quote for the services involved. We also offer a 10% discount on any written quote presented to us!

We will take care of logistics

Pet Movers Australia will take care of all the documentation necessary for transportation, including any special requirements your pets may need for their destination.
We will take care of booking flights and all other transportation involved for the duration of your pet’s travel.

We have AQIS accredited veterinarians

We work with AQIS (The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) for pre-export preparations, vaccinations, worming and isolation procedures. Our AQIS accredited veterinarians will perform all the necessary procedures to make sure that your pet is okay to travel.

We ensure the comfort and safety of your pets

At Pet Movers Australia, we care about the comfort and safety of your pets. We will ensure that your pets will travel via the most direct route possible.

We have suitable crates that conform to International Air Transport Association (IATA) Live Animal Regulation. If your pets are travelling internationally, we will provide the crates for free! For domestic transportation, pets travel in air-conditioned vans.

Airline approved carry crates

Airline approved carry crates